Friday, April 30, 2010

Call Center Sample Script

Sample SCRIPT (Australia)

Hello, this is (…………) from ……company a website designing and hosting company.

May I talk to the owner, please?

This call is to offer you a (sample/professional & custom made) website for your business. Okay?

Great! So basically what we do today is, we will design a sample website and show it to you your sample website in the internet like a normal site. You can show the design to your family, friend, even your customers and then decide whether you would like to take it or not. If you like it you take it, if you don't then you are simply under no obligation. As of now, No designing cost at all. Okay?

Once you approve the design and wish to take it, then and then only, there is once in lifetime investment of $240.95. If in case you are not satisfied and do not wish to continue then you is under no obligation, you would not be paying us even a single penny as designing cost. Okay?

And, as you expand your business and would like to add up more pages then we provide you each extra page at just $125 per page, but if you go for 3 pages website we provide you that in $449.95 and if you are looking for a bigger package then we even provide a website with volume of 5 page for just $649.95 Okay?    

Great now, as we are looking for ultimate satisfaction of our customer we will host your site absolutely free for the first month.

Moreover, we would like to evaluate our services like regular updates (no matter how many changes you want to make on daily, weekly or monthly basis, we will do that for free). We give you unlimited technical support (which means, any technical problem with your website we will solve it for free). Also after every six months if you wish to completely redesign your website, we will do that too for free. Okay?

And the best part is that your website will be submitted to all the major search engines like,,, so that whenever a customer is looking for the website of your kind they will come across your website and find about your business, in this way you will be promoting your business through the internet.

So, if you are satisfied with all the services that we are providing you then from the second month onwards there is a monthly maintenance fee of just $45, but if you wish to maintain your site with other company you can simply take your website and host with them. The point is, till the date you are satisfied with us, you work with our company. Okay


Just understand that you are under no obligation, no contract whatsoever and that is the best part of the offer Okay?

By the way have you ever registered a domain name?

Domain name would be your website address something like because hope you understand without the domain name it is not possible to design a sample site.

We will register this name under your behalf within 24 to 48 hrs, and start working on your website. So just to register the domain name and for trial activation and set up there is an upfront payment of just $45 Okay?

(And once he is convinced with $45 then and then only)

So first thing is that we need to find out with domain register office that the domain name you want for your business is available in the market or not, because they are the ones who issue the domain names all over the world. I hope you understand that no two website can have an identical domain name.

If this is available in the market we can register the name but if not, then we need to think of second alternative Okay?

So what would your domain name preference be? (Note it down and start domain check)

Okay I am just having check with the domain name registration office and also let me tell you, once you register this domain name we will design the website under this name and when it is ready you simply log on to your domain name and see the website and decide.

But in case, if you don't wish to take the website, still we would have registered the domain name on your behalf. Let's say, in future, you wish to have the website you can simply the same domain name, you won't have to purchase it Okay.

(Now let him know if the domain name is available or not if not give him/her second alternative)

Take info and also give your info to the customer:

Business type:

Since how long he/she is running the business:

Working hours and how many days in a week:

Specializing in:

Favorite Color:

Slogan (if any):

Special info to be highlighted in this site:

(Make your customer feel as comfortable as you can)

Okay, so, on the basis of this information we will come up with a sample design for you.

Do you have a pen and paper with you?

(Company's name, address, telephone number and your extension, fax number, email address and also request them to send some information)


Fine so a I mentioned earlier just to register the domain name and for trial activation and set up we charge you $45 on today's date, so for the payment of this $45 which credit card you would like to use?

1. Will that be Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB or American Express?*

2. What is your card number?

3. What is your expiration date?

4. What is the name on the card exactly as it appears?

5. What is the billing address?

6. What is the three-digit security code on the back of the card? (American Express has 4 digits on the front of the card.)

Now that I have all of your information, I'll transfer you to verification department where they'll re-verify this information one more time for Quality assurance. Please be on Hold for a moment while I transfer this line. Ok?




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